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Urban Rec Victoria is your home for sporting leagues. In addition to a year-round league sports program we also offer our members tournaments, theme parties and many other great experiences that are unique to Urban Rec Victoria.

We offer the following sports offerings:

Indoor: Volleyball, Basketball

Outdoor: Grass Volleyball, Soccer

Becoming a member of Urban Rec Victoria is simple and free. All you need to do is create an account by clicking on the create account button (Join Now) on our home page. You will then start to receive a newsletter every two weeks with information about Urban Rec Victoria activities - just click on the links and you are on your way!

Absolutely. We offer individual registration for all of our sports, both indoor and outdoor. All you have to do is wait for the registration period to open, go to www.victoria.urbanrec.ca and you will be able to select the sport, night, skill level and location in which you want to play.

You can even join up with a small group of friends. Just make sure you each select the same team name when registering (each individual's' team has a unique name).

All of our spring/summer leagues will play on the Monday nights of long weekends. We do not play on Sundays of long weekends.

Our fall/winter leagues will not play on the Sundays of long weekends; however, some leagues will play on holiday Mondays (each league has different scheduling parameters depending on the location- please inquire about the specific league).

Urban Rec Victoria's withdrawal policy is a simple one - we only offer refunds if we are able to resell your team/individual spot to another team (as there is limited space for all of our leagues/teams, and if you have registered for a spot, this prevents someone else from registering for it).

There is a $50 administrative charge for any team refund and a $25 charge for individuals. If we cannot re-sell your team spot than there are no refunds.

In the event that your spot can be re-sold prior to the league starting, the refund amount will be the full league price minus the admin fee. If the spot is re-sold after the league has started, the refund will be dependent on the pro-rated price that the spot is re-sold for minus the admin fee.

Championship winning teams will be awarded a set number of shirts based on your league:

Basketball, Dodgeball, VSB Floor Hockey – 10 shirts (2S 3M 3L 2 XL)                                                            Indoor & Beach Volleyball coed 6’s – 6 shirts (2S 2M 2L)                                                                              Curling, Beach Volleyball coed 4’s – 4 shirts (1S 1M 2L)                                                                                       Soccer, Flag Football, Oval Floor Hockey, Multisport – 12 shirts (2S 4M 4L 2XL)                                                                                                                                                                                      Softball – 14 shirts (3S 4M 4L 3XL)

Winning teams can order extra championship shirts via our website at a cost of $15.00 per shirt.