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Urban Rec is proud to offer co-ed 7’s soccer leagues for soccer players of all levels.  The creators of the Turf Burn Soccer have teamed up with Urban rec to transform the hottest tournament of the year into a weekly league format. See you on the turf! 


Gather your friends and register for an evening full of the beautfiul game.  New to the area, looking to meet new people? No problem, register as an individual and you will be placed onto a team that needs a member. We recommend a max roster of 12 players. Remember a full  lineup has a goalie plus 6 players including at least 2 women and 1 man on the field at all times.


When playing in Urban Rec Coed Outdoor Soccer, you will play one-hour long games on the same night each week. Each game has two 25-minute halves. Teams must be able to play in any of the time slots as the schedule will vary from week to week.

  • 2 x 25min Halves 
  • 7v7 mixed gender
  • No Slide Tackling (Stay on your feet) 
  • Kick-ins
  • Shoot you scoot (If your shot goes over the fence, please retrieve the ball, another player can come on to replace you) 
  • Self-refereed games (On site EC will help with indecision on the field)

Our players enjoy a fun, coed self-refereed hour where the emphasis is on sportsmanship and social play above all else.  To see more rules please scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “View Outdoor Soccer Rules”

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 Our season Champions are awarded the highly sought after champions shirts. Plus, we love giving away other UR merch to sportsmanlike legends. 


 Why stop the fun after your game? Take part in our post-game/season events including: Discounts to some of our favorite local food and drink venues, organized league pub crawls, and other events. This is just one of the countless reasons to why you should become a member!  Be sure to check out our local Urban Rec Clubhouse!