• Scheduling: Teams will play 3 matches each week in an 80-minute time slot.
  • Format: Each match will consist of two games to 21. (hard cap at 23 points).  Note that if time expires, the 2nd game will only count if the combined scores equal at least 15 points (except in playoffs).
  • Reseeding: Teams may be reseeded as a result of competitive balance requirements throughout the season as warranted at Urban Rec’s sole discretion.


  1. To be eligible to play in the league all players must have signed an online waiver. Players that do not sign an online waiver will not be allowed to play. Team captains that do not fill out the online team roster will have their team removed from the schedule until they do so and all players have signed the waiver.
  2. The on-site volunteer Event Coordinator (EC) may do a random ID check for players from any team.  If a team is found to be using an ineligible player (i.e. someone who has not indicated that they have read the online waiver), then that player’s team will forfeit the game if it has already begun.  If the game has not begun, then the game will not be a forfeit- that player is simply not permitted to participate until they have indicated they have read the online waiver.
  3. Teams may avoid forfeiting/defaulting in regular season games by utilizing players from other teams that play in the league without penalty.  However, in the playoffs, this can only be done to avoid being subject to the default policy- the game will be considered a forfeit loss (but not a default) if a team utilizes players not on their roster to field a lineup.
  4. Teams will only call fouls committed by their own players.  Players will not call the fouls against their opponents. If a player neglects to call his/her own fouls, his/her team captain will be responsible for calling these fouls on his/her player’s behalf.
  5. If there is a dispute on a call, re-serve the play. Contact an Event Coordinator for clarification of rules after the match is completed.
  6. All players will conduct themselves in a polite and sportsmanlike manner. Individuals who do not abide by these criteria will be removed from the league.
  7. All balls must be hit cleanly. No scooping or carrying the ball. Only off of a driven ball may a ball may be double hit (i.e. off arm and head in one continuous motion).
  8. Contact with the net in any way (except for hair) constitutes loss of point.
  9. A served ball may not be blocked or attacked directly back over the net.
  10. If a player blocks a driven ball and the ball comes onto their own team’s side, the block does not count as a hit towards the three-hit limit (i.e. the team may still have 3 additional hits after the block).
  11. The ball can hit any part of the body.
  12. If a back-row player is in front of the attack line and plays the ball over the net, he/she must contact the ball below the height of the net.
  13. A full starting lineup consists of 6 players including at least 2 women and 1 man.If a team has less than 6 players, the following rules apply:
  • If a team has less than 4 players it defaults the match.
  • If a team has 4 or 5 players but does NOT have at least 2 women and 1 man, it is a default.
  • If a team has 4 or 5 players including 2 women and 1 man, the team is eligible to play but a point penalty applies:  4 points in each of the first two games of the match and 3 points in the third game of the match.
  1. If a team has less than 6 players, there is no “ghost” rule.  Serve rotation proceeds to the next available player.
  2. Players must rotate positions as well as serve with each side-out
  3. Playoffs will occur over the final two weeks of the season.  The format for the playoffs will be as follows:
  4. Playoffs- to be eligible for playoffs, participants should play in at least 2 regular season games for their team. No ringers allowed!

Playoffs- to be eligible for playoffs, participants should play in at least 2 regular season games for their team. No ringers allowed!


  1. Both teams are responsible for recording the results of their matches (sets won/lost and fun points) on the league schedule that is present on-site (or telling the Event Coordinator so that they can record them on-site).
  2. Tiebreaker - If two or more teams are tied in the standings at season’s end, the tiebreaker will be as follows:
    1st tiebreaker – head to head winner
    2nd tiebreaker – higher UR fun point average
    3rd tiebreaker – most “in division” wins
    4th tiebreaker – coin flip

  3. Urban Rec reserves the right to move teams up or down in timeslots depending on the teams’ level of play.  For this reason, teams must be available to play in all of the time slots used throughout the season.
  4. Have FUN! If there are any problems or suggestions about the league please free to contact us.  Please enjoy yourselves!

Note that the above details are generic Indoor Volleyball rules. The rules for each specific league may differ.